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Membership Application

The Uganda Networks website is a collaborative initiative which aims to capture and share knowledge about sustainable development and Christian ministry in Uganda. We are mapping out where organisations work,  who they partner with and the projects they run.  The more organisations that become members, the more accurate the information will be.

Why become a member?

You will be adding to the general picture of who is doing what in Uganda.  Development work needs successful partnership to succeed - not all organisations have all the skills and knowledge they need, and have to look to others for help and advice. Through mapping your skills, other organisations will be able to see them and vice-versa. The  site is freely accessible to all,  however as you can see below there are certain advantages of being a member.


So if you become a member of Uganda Networks now, the information you provide about your organisation, the Ugandan partner organisations with which you work, and your projects and activities will extend the site’s database, which is searchable by any user.

Who can become a member?

Any charity, non-­governmental organisation, community based organisation, church, school, other educational institution, non­profit, or social enterprise, based in the UK, Uganda, or the rest of the world, which is working in Uganda, or in partnership with organisations in Uganda, can apply to join. Umbrella organisations, such as a Diocese or Diocesan Link, can also join on behalf of their members or branches, if they wish.

For more information on Ugandan membership click here



How much does it cost?

There is a small annual membership subscription, which varies according the the member’s income. ­However, this does include the membership for your Ugandan partner(s).  Unfortunately we need to do this so that  over time, the site will be sustainable. The rates for UK­-based and other non-­Ugandan organisations are shown in the table.  (For non-UK organisations the income and fee will be local currency equivalent to the sterling value). Ugandan organisations are also welcome to join in their own right – click here for further details.

Uk fees table

Ready to become a member?

We need you to provide details of your organisation by clicking here.   This will generate an invoice which can be paid by cheque, bank transfer, online (Go Cardless) or via PayPal.  

Any questions ?

Click here for the FAQs and if you can't find the answer email us or call 0238 097 2175 and we will try to answer your question.


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