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About Us

Uganda Networks is a non-political, non-denominational organisation, developed as a result of collaboration between various UK registered charities working with Uganda.  Its Management Group reports to the trustees of the charity Uganda Church Association (reg charity no 1015425), which currently carries financial and legal responsibility for the project. Biographies of the members of the Management Group can be found here

This initiative arose from discussions between a number of other charities with a close interest in Uganda, as well as the Dioceses of Bristol and Winchester.

Our aim is to promote partnership between organisations and provide a support network for the hundreds of charities, churches, schools and universities as well as not-for-profits, who are engaged in social, economic and spiritual development in Uganda. 

By providing information on the breadth of activity in Uganda, access to relevant resources and services, and a place to advertise and share opportunities, we aim to help organisations deliver their objectives in an effective and efficient manner – reducing duplication of effort, fostering mutual learning and benefitting from economies of scale.

The beneficiaries of this project will be the people of Uganda.  

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