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Best structure for a UK-Ugandan Charity - please ?Peter Clarke WEE24/09/2018301/10/2018 10:33Sue Craig
AuditorsRuth Ogier Hope for Children10/01/2017502/11/2017 09:13Sam Musoke Humentum
NGO Renewal Fees in UgandaAlice Caisley Mercy Alive Africa24/07/2017426/07/2017 08:43Ian Sanderson
Looking for a good venue for a training workshop in November 2017Jane Betts Advantage Africa18/07/2017218/07/2017 20:25Ian Sanderson
Trainer in Village Saving & Loan Associations (kampala)Ruth Ogier Hope for Children27/06/2017330/06/2017 14:57Ruth Ogier Hope for Children
Registering as a CBOJanet Hayes Rafiki Thabo01/03/2017301/03/2017 18:47Janet Hayes Rafiki Thabo
Shipping to UgandaPhil Dowding12/09/2016310/01/2017 20:46Ian Sanderson
Grant Bodies for StudentsSally Robertson Admin05/05/20161  
Grant BodiesLydia Miller Farsight29/03/2016206/04/2016 15:07Sally Robertson Admin