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A friend of ours recently received a letter out of the blue from someone who said they were studying Nursing at the St Joseph Institute of medical Sciences, PO Box 30922, Clocktower, Uganda. They were looking for support. A certificate from the 'Academic Registrar' was attached. A web search can find no such Institute, and this was confirmed by contacts in Uganda, and the address is a bit of a giveaway anyway. So this seems fairly clearly a scam. This is to alert others to this and other similar emails. If you have had anything similar, do share it.
Charles Woodd 14/03/2017 11:37

Sally Robertson 26/04/2017 07:58
There has recently been a very credible handwritten letter sent to a vicar in Bristol Diocese, again with a false school name, but easily mistaken as something genuine. We've also had an email - from an address of someone we know - asking for funds for the drought, but without the knowledge of the email's genuine owner. Always worth checking if at all possible.
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