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Luganda dictionary and grammar: Luganda-English and English-Luganda dictionary with notes on Luganda grammar  51fNcvuESRLSX348BO1204203200

Authors: Alan Hamilton, Naomi Hamilton, Phoebe Mukasa, David Ssewanyana, Cephas Ssentoogo (General Editor) and Christine Kabuye (Botanical Editor)

Published by : Alan Hamilton

Title Description:  This two-way Luganda-English and English-Luganda dictionary, with over 10,000 Luganda and 8,000 English entries, offers an easy guide to translating commoner words and concepts between the two languages. There are numerous examples of usage. The six-person team responsible for its compilation include a former Minister of Culture (Kingdom of Buganda) and the former Secretary of the Luganda Language Society. There are forewords by His Majesty the Kabaka (King) of Buganda and the Secretary of State for Education.  Assistance is provided to readers to locate Luganda entries, necessary because of the changeable nature of the beginnings of many Luganda words. The equivalence of parts of speech in Luganda and English is explored and there are over 40 pages on Luganda grammar. Vocabulary associated with certain features of Kiganda society and culture is covered in extra detail, such as social structures, religion, music, agriculture, food, barkcloth manufacture, basketry, and healthcare and medicinal plants. There are lists of historic kings, traditional counties, and clans and totems. An outline of the history of the Luganda language is presented. The scientific names of over 300 types of plants are given, together with their Luganda equivalents. Book size: 254 x 178 mm (10 x 7 inches), 432 pages. Paperback.

Price: £19.50

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