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You can list suitable services on the Uganda Networks site for free. However, for a cost of £100 per annum (UK and rest of the world) or UGX 200,000  (Uganda) you can show your logo, and appear higher on the page, by opting  for a Premium Listing

Please select the listing category you want when you complete the form below.  For Premium Listings, you will receive an invoice.  Please send your logo to office@ugandanetworks.org. The logo should be in JPEG format, and at a recommended size of no more than 400 pixels.  Photos larger than this but less than 1MB will be automatically resized.  The provided image will be resized to a maximum of 100 pixels in any dimension.

If your business would like to sponsor a  Services section of the website, with a Banner Heading across the top of the relevant page the cost is UGX 1,000,000 per annum for Ugandan businesses or a £500 for if you are based in the UK or elsewhere. Please contact us for more information. We rely on the generosity of our sponsors to keep this good work going.

To complete your listing click here.  You are about to be redirected to a form powered by Google.  All your details will be stored confidentially and only available to Uganda Networks and our website.

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